#1. 50 Takes Straight - an experiment in performance

The first in an ongoing experiment in performance. Maló performed this song for 2.5 hours on repeat which made for approximately 30 takes straight with very little breaks (only to change batteries or cards)

David Foulkes, our DP, was also, insanely, handheld throughout.

The idea is that through pure repetition self consciousness starts to retreat, sweat starts to form and you start to replicate the performance you might get on an hour into a long set. Music video sets are not the most natural space for an artist to sing - usually you get the obvious "less is more: approach - frankly I find this a bit lifeless and safe - we wanted to do the opposite and go for a performance that was real, live - sometimes touching sometimes aggressive... and completely unknown.

I have noticed with artists that there's a lot of other "stuff" going on at a video shoot - Make Up, Managers, Label, Crew, stopping and starting - a lot of stuff that to get over before an artist would truly start letting go of the fact they were on a video shoot. 

I've always though how difficult it must be to replicate that "1 hour into a set" feeling that an artist must get. 

I also noticed on previous shoots that If you go straight away, don't cut the take, just keep rolling again from the top AND do that again by the 3rd time an artist is properly warmed up really quickly,  a little sweat forms and some special things start to happen .

So this video is the first in a line of experiments with how far you can push that idea - keep repeating the performance again and again - no breaks where possible, only to change cards or batteries and thats it... keep going...keep going...

Director: James Alexandrou
Producer: Drew O’Neill
Director Of Photography: David Foulkes
Exec Producer: Otis Bell, Jess Bell, Harriet Towler
Production Company: OB Management
Directors Representation: OB Management
Label: Sony
Commissioner: Marine Selier

Production Asst: Gloria Bowman
Focus Puller: Chris Kane
2AC: Sean Fox    
DIT: Ashley Hicks
Gaffer: Ben Manwaring
Spark:  Pearce Crowley, David Lewis
Art Director: Paulina Rzeszowska
Art Dep Assistant: Sam Minchik, Phoebe Darling
Hair & Makeup: Cher Savez
Runner: Conor Fitzpatrick, Edward Smith    
BTS Video/Photographer: Simona Boulding

Editor: James Alexandrou
Colourist: Jim Bracher
Grading Company: The Mill